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The effect

The presenter places a box with a lid on the table and a rectangular plate with 32 colored dots and 2 cubes. After opening the box you can see a necklace with colored pearls lying in it.

After the lid has been replaced, the presenter draws attention to the colored dot plate. There are 8 rows with 4 points each in the colors red, green, yellow and blue. The arrangement of the dot colors is completely different. The presenter now draws the viewer's attention to the fact that there is a mysterious agreement between the colored dots on the plate and the pearl necklace. He then asks the viewer to name a number from 1 to 8. The viewer says z. B. "three". The presenter then counts down 3 rows on the plate - starting from the top - and arrives at a row of dots with a sequence of blue, yellow, green and red dots. (Fig. 2) He opens the box and takes out the chain he is holding between both hands. And the pearls of the chain have the same color sequence in relation to the colors of the pearls.

Pearl necklace from Wolfgang Großkopf

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