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With these chips you can perform 4 different tricks.

Trick 1: The sum is ... ..

The magician puts the number discs on the table and lets a spectator mess them up and turn them around as he likes. Then he turns away from the table and writes something on a piece of paper. The spectator adds up the visible numbers on the chips, and lo and behold, he receives the same amount that the magician had written down beforehand.

Trick 2: 50 to 50

Again the spectator throws the discs on the table in any order and the magician turns away. This time the viewer turns over individual discs as often as they want and which ones they want. Finally he covers a chip with the opaque wooden can. Nevertheless, the magician can immediately indicate the upper number of the covered chip. This is only a 50 to 50 chance, the amazing thing is that the magic never goes wrong, not even with several repetitions.

Trick 3: the mystique of numbers

While the magician turns away from the table again, the spectator turns over three chips of his choice and covers them with opaque caps. After turning over the remaining three chips, the magician can immediately name the sum of the numbers on top of the three covered chips.

Trick 4: One is left

The spectator chooses one of the six chips. Although the magician has his back to the table, i.e. cannot see or hear anything, he finds this disc by eliminating one after the other until only the correct one remains. This is a completely puzzling end to the number chip routine!

Pay chips from Jochen Zmeck

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